Press Release

Samsung 2014 Hong Kong Sports Stars Awards - Results of the Public Voting Lucky Draw

Prize HKID Tel Prize HKID Tel
1st K966xxx 6906xxxx 9th C628xxx 9121xxxx
2nd C594xxx 9223xxxx 10th Y330xxx 5404xxxx
3rd Z536xxx 9720xxxx 11th Y613xxx 5345xxxx
4th Z256xxx 6538xxxx 12th Y676xxx 9148xxxx
5th C364xxx 6180xxxx 13th Y554xxx 6090xxxx
6th G507xxx 9343xxxx 14th D434xxx 9467xxxx
7th Y578xxx 6055xxxx 15th A711xxx 9514xxxx
8th V101xxx 6089xxxx      

All winners will be notified individually. Winners should collect the prizes before 30 April 2015. Failure to do so will constitute forfeiture.  Trade Promotion Competition Licence no. : 44582,44583

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